Optimizing Employee Transportation Without Your Own Fleet

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As the pandemic begins to shift again, millions of workers around the globe have started to return to the workplace. For some companies, these workers never even left. Regardless of your company's situation, one thing is certain: employee transportation is a critical component of your business's short and long-term success. Unfortunately, while transporting your teams may be simple on paper, it can quickly become a logistical nightmare - with COVID guidelines just adding complications to the already fraught mix.

Dealing With Multiple Vendors

What makes this task so complex is the various vendors you have to manage to achieve your transportation objectives. This includes working with several companies, communicating with different people, and abiding by everyone's unique standard operation procedure, and consolidating the various invoice formats and timelines into your financial procedures. This type of juggling can get out of hand very quickly and lead to various problems that impact your company's ability to perform and turn a profit.

Too many providers

Excess communication

Complicated procedures

Mismatched invoice formats

Budget Costs and Concerns

After experiencing these issues, you may begin thinking it is easier to purchase your own fleet of vehicles for employee transportation. Again, this solution may answer your problems on paper, but it still begins with its own challenges. First, you have to examine if you even have the budget to cover upfront expenses such as purchasing the vehicles and hiring the staff. Then, you have to set aside funds to cover long-term costs such as repairs and replacements. Furthermore, you are likely to not be in the business of transporting people, so does it make sense to deploy your efforts into a support function?

Safety And Security For Your People

Providing reliable employee transportation includes putting safety first and foremost. Employees want to be driven to work in safe and reliable vehicles that are routinely maintained and driven by experienced drivers who know the routes they are driving in.

$7.5 billion 
Cost of Road Accidents Each Year

Unsafe vehicles and drivers will almost always lead to some type of car accident and injury. As stated in an article published by Gulf News, a UK-based transportation expert determined that road accidents end up costing Gulf Coast countries a staggering $7.5 billion on average year over year. So it's clear that regardless of where you are located, transportation-based accidents will cost your company dearly over time if left unaddressed.

A Safe and Cost-Effective Employee Transportation Solution

While working with certain external vendors can be complicated, the right partner can help reduce expenses, improve safety, improve on-time arrival percentages and reduce your operational and financial overheads. It might be best if you used an all-in-one employee transportation solution that takes care of all your logistical needs. This allows you to consolidate all of those vendors into one, easy-to-manage relationship. One person to talk to, one invoice to pay, one company to reach out to if something needs to be addressed.

Swvl was born out of the growing need from companies just like yours. The desire to provide reliable and cost-effective employee transportation without incurring the massive price tag that comes with owning your own fleet. This is achieved by offering you their fleet of safe and reliable vehicles to transport your people to and from work every single day.

3 million
Bookings per month
Bookings per day

While you may be new to the Swvl brand, as a service Swvl is hardly new to the transportation game. Currently, executing 3 million bookings per month, including over 150,000 each day Swvl provides an easy-to-use transportation solution. Those bookings include over 4,000 buses driving over 3,600 routes over the last 3 years. Companies stay with Swvl because they provide experienced drivers who know their driving routes and remain committed to delivering a safe experience every time.


The best part of working with Swvl is the ability to scale up or down based on your needs. For example, if your workforce begins to grow, they will work with you to ensure your new employee transportation needs are met. Swvl is always ready to deploy more vehicles, create new routes, and adjust your plan based on your current situation.

SVL_Blog_Optimizing Employee Transportation Without Your Own Fleet-02Ready To Transform Your Employee Transportation Plan?

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Together, we will ensure your employees arrive safely and on time so you can focus on the tasks and projects that matter most.

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