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In today’s competitive environment, providing employee transport can improve your business’s success by ensuring employees are where they need to be and when they need to be there. However, trying to manage this without an employee transport solution can be a complex and unpredictable operation. 

From traffic jams to unexpected accidents to inaccessible pick-up and drop-off locations, a lot can go wrong during the employee’s journey to your workplace. Even if your company can devote the resources to improve employee transport, variables like vehicle capacity, schedules, and more are hard to organize and monitor. 

So whether you’re actively trying to improve the problem or letting employees find their own way to work, employee transport can drain your resources, costing you money and time. 

Your business doesn’t have to settle for traditional transportation options. Swvl Business can help solve many transportation problems your employees face to ensure your workforce is on time and efficient. 


Unpredictable situations lead to unreliable employee transportation 

Transporting employees from point A to point B seems simple, but delays like accidents, traffic, and other unexpected situations can make something simple into a complex equation. 

1 hour and 45 minutes That's the average journey time to and from work in Dubai, shown in a study conducted by

By comparison, Cairo, traditionally noted for its hectic traffic congestion, came in second, about 12 minutes behind Dubai. If your employees didn’t leave on time and weren’t expecting a major delay, that’s a loss for your company. 

Although accidents and traffic congestion are unpredictable (even if often related), it doesn’t mean you can’t react to them as soon as you know about them. With Swvl Business employee transport solution, every point of contact stays informed of the current transit situation at all times. 

Through Swvl Business’ dynamic routing, drivers (or “Captains” as we like to call them), riders, managers, and other users stay informed if an accident or other event causes delays. GPS systems optimize the route to get the captains back on track to pick up and drop off employees in a timely manner. To ensure that nothing gets in the way of getting employees where you need them, multiple backup systems are in place so that your employees are picked up and dropped off on time.

By efficiently managing your employee transport, you can reduce the impact on your business and your employees by getting staff where they need to be when they need to be there, regardless of what the roads throw at you.  

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Complex employee transportation has manageable variables

More than 75% of the total population lives in urban areas
but not all of your employees live in the same area, work the same hours, or go to the same sites.

Even with your own drivers and fleet, managing all of these factors is a logistical nightmare. 

Swvl Business understands this and has developed user-friendly dashboards that can help you manage every aspect of your transportation routine in one place. The solution can fit your business model and your unique needs when it comes to employee transport:  

  1. Swvl Business can help you manage your existing operations. Fleet management is under your centralized control, whether you operate your own vehicles and drivers or outsource them from a provider.

  2. Swvl Business can scale your operations with its fleet. Don’t have your own transportation? You can utilize Swvl Business’s fleet of busses driven by its in-house Captains to ensure the best service and safety along with Swvl’s best-in-class management system.

Using the advanced technology of Swvl Business allows you to find the most efficient way to transport your employees, helping you maximize utilization and reduce expenses. 

Ensure the quality of vehicles and drivers

Outsourcing employee transport is a common solution as transport is not usually the primary function of the business. However, there can be a lack of control and a disconnect between your operations team and a company that just rents out busses. 

With an all-inclusive employee transport and management service like Swvl Business, you can have not only the management capabilities for transport but the best busses and drivers as well. Rest easy knowing that with Swvl Business your company will experience:

  • Scheduled, nonstop trips to get employees where they need to be faster

  • Extra legroom and entertainment available onboard

  • Live tracking to keep you updated on your employees' travel

  • Captains committed to safe, courteous, and on-time employee transport


Efficient employee transportation helps the company’s bottom line

Any employee transport service is a benefit to your employees. It makes it easier for them to get to work and back home safely. It can be a selling point when recruiting employees and can give your human resources department a distinct competitive advantage over other businesses in your industry.

The right employee transportation service can also benefit the rest of your company. Optimizing transportation to adapt to unreliable situations and manageable variables can increase productivity and efficiency, reduce expenses, and maximize resources. 

25% reduction in cost of operations That's what companies using Swvl Business typically see.

This happens by reducing the number of vehicles, kilometers, overhead, and improving asset utilization. In addition, employees will be where they need to be on time, boosting productivity. 


Don’t settle for the old employee transport options

Employee transportation should be simple; however, several barriers make it a difficult and costly task. If ignored, those challenges can affect your business and your earnings. 

Swvl Business can help you simplify, manage, and optimize your employee transport, all in one place. Learn more about how we’re changing transportation for businesses like yours. 

A Better Employee Transport Option

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