Employee Transportation Should Go Beyond Simply Driving Employees Around

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Across the UAE today, roads are in critical need of a reduced volume of vehicles (for improved road safety and greater sustainability). Employers can help play a pivotal role in reducing the number of daily drivers by adopting an employee transportation solution. 

In a partnered study, RoadSafetyUAE and Noor Takaful, Ethical Insurance found that “a majority, specifically 54% of drivers, drive themselves. In addition, 67% of these drivers are going to and from work, which explains the traffic congestion at peak commute times.”

Employers who choose to implement an employee transportation service provide various benefits to both the company and employees. But the right employee transportation service can also impact overall road safety.


Point 1: With Less Distracted Employees On The Road, Commuting Conditions May Be Safer

To give you an idea, if employees are running late, tired from a long shift, or nervous about driving, they may be hazardous drivers on their commute.

According to a recent PistoParabia blog, “64% of private cars are responsible for all UAE road accidents—with the causes varying from distracted driving, sudden lane changes, and speeding.” 

In contrast, UAE public transportation also leads to unsafe, unstable road conditions for several reasons. For example, a public bus typically carrying 50 people ends up carrying more than 200 people at once. Simultaneously, employers also don't know where the bus comes from, where it goes to, or what time of the day, so it logistically becomes a daily guessing game.

With many fleet options to choose from, a technology-based employee transportation solution can help conditions for a commute be improved. In turn, fewer people will rely on unsafe public transport or a risky daily drive to and from work.


Point 2: Offering Alternative Options For Employees Transport May, In Turn, Make Roads Safer

Considering an alternative solution to public transport (for the safety of your employees) could mean hiring your own fleet. Therefore, evaluating what is offered beyond the employee transport itself is essential when considering a solution. 

By utilizing technology, an optimized employer fleet can ensure your business doesn’t run late and lose money because of unpredictable conditions, especially as employers are informed of the transit situation via GPS algorithms in real-time. 

When an employer fleet is paired with a robust feedback system, it immediately notifies supervisors of unprofessional or unsafe behavior. This means you don’t have to worry about who is behind the wheel or the kind of vehicle you will be riding in on your commute. Every step in the process is professionally managed for you.

Employees can arrive on time with reliable, visible commutes that share real-time information about the routes. In addition, the professional fleet provides several assurances that also contribute to safer roads.


Point 3: With Fewer People On The Road, You Help Cut Down Road Accidents

As the rising issue for well over a decade has continued, far too many personal drivers on the roads have created unbearable commuting conditions. In addition, the sheer volume of vehicles leaves little room for the car to have space in front or behind their vehicle on the roads. As a result, the number of people dying in accidents continues to be staggeringly high.

In contrast, by adopting a tech-based employee transport solution, you are helping make the roads safer. Why? When you select your own fleet versus public transportation, the quality of the vehicles is strikingly different. Besides, transporting dozens of people at once eliminates those dozens of vehicles on the roads, resulting in fewer accidents.

With all this in mind, the final pieces of a great employee transportation system are simply the vehicles and their drivers. The professional drivers ensure the safety of employees and fewer drivers commuting on their own. Optimized transport and its manageable variables can also increase productivity and efficiency, reduce expenses, and maximize resources for your company.



A daily commute can be unsafe and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Disregarding those challenges can affect your business, employee safety, and earnings. However, employee transport solutions can help simplify, manage, and optimize all in one place. 

Considering these options will also allow employers to make a real impact in reducing the current overflow of vehicles on the road today. Therefore, providing employee transportation is becoming a growing and essential operation today.

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Unlike the competition, we are prepared for unexpected challenges and issues. Our fleet is top quality and regularly maintained. Our technology manages transport variables to provide you with more efficient routes at lower costs. 

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