UK Opposition Leader Keir Starmer's visit to door2door - a Swvl company highlights the importance of innovative mobility companies in building a green ecosystem

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Last week, Keir Starmer, UK’s Leader of the Labour Party and David Lammy, Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, visited the Berlin-based transit-tech startup door2door. As part of the Swvl Group, door2door employs more than 1,200 employees globally with the goal to transport citizens safely, reliably, and eco-friendly to their destination. With the ambition to make cities smarter, the company provides a software based platform to optimize urban and rural public transport for companies and cities across Europe. 

Only a strong and high quality public transport will allow us to manage the transition towards more sustainable mobility. For this, new solutions are required, all above, shuttle systems in addition to existing bus and train lines. Our vision is to provide a public transport offering as convenient and comfortable as using your own car.’ states Maxim Nohroudi, Co-Founder and Managing Director of door2door. 

During the meeting, the door2door leadership showcased some of the latest product developments and demonstrated the applicability and benefits of on-demand solutions along various use cases of existing customers in urban, rural or touristic settings. Both Keir Starmer and David Lammy were highly interested by the ambition of door2door and emphasized the importance of new and digital solutions to make public transport attractive and accessible for everyone and therefore further support the transition to more sustainable means of transportation. 

Main focus of the meeting were discussions on current dynamics in politics and industry in order to receive a mutual understanding on how governments are able to support young and innovative companies to scale. Dr. Tom Kirschbaum, Co-founder and Managing Director of door2door, confirms ‘We are proud to share our experiences from more than 10 years as entrepreneurs, our development towards an established, tech-based company and to discuss together with politics what it takes to further unlock the innovative potential within Europe’. 


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